Angel Calling Bell - Protection - 16mm
Angel Calling Bell - Creativity - 16mm
Angel Calling Bell - Guardian - 16mm
Angel Calling Bell - Romance - 18mm
Angel Calling Bell - Night Time - 18mm
Angel Calling Bell - Healing - 23mm

Angel Calling Bells

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Made on the banks of the sacred mountain Ubud, in the heart the deeply spiritual island of Bali, Artisans handcraft these delightful Angel Calling Bells and bless them with grace and love.

The gentle sound of the bell will always be a reminder of the possible presence of angels.

With good fortune, and an open heart it is hoped that the bell may also draw attention from heavenly beings.

Angel: Protection (16mm)
Name: Michael
Bell: Brass
Detail: Tigers Eye
Cord: Earth

Angel: Creativity (16mm)
Name: Jophiel
Bell: Blue Resin
Detail: Blue Topaz
Cord: Blue

Angel: Guardian (16mm)
Name: Gabriel
Bell: Brass
Detail: Rose Quartz
Cord: Rose

Angel: Romance (18mm)
Name: Haniel
Bell: Brass
Detail: Peridot
Cord: Green

Angel: Night-time (18mm)
Name: Abasdarhon
Bell: Brass
Detail: Black Onyx
Cord: Black

Angel: Healing (23mm)
Name: Raphael
Bell: Brass
Detail: Peridot
Cord: Green

Each magical Angel Bell is caged in a 925 silver casket.