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Bali Magic Puzzle Boxes

Bali Puzzle Boxes These fun and beautiful puzzle boxes are hand made in Bali using 100% Sheesham wood. Hidden within the shape is a hollow that is perfect for small gifts such as jewelry, money, keys or anything of sentimental value. To uncover the hidden chamber, you have to solve the puzzle and figure out which order the pieces come apart in.  There is 24 designs to choose from, each with their own design and puzzle.  Wooden Bali Magic Puzzle Boxes make the perfect gift, whether you want to hide something special in them or wrap them up as they are! Either way these fun and fair trade boxes are sure to delight friend and family of all ages!  ...

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Chakra Singing Bowls

I'm so excited to tell you about my brand new Chakra Singing Bowls! Singing Bowls are a type of bell that’s used as a tool to aid Mindfulness or Meditation practice and once mastered can provide a truly magical experience. When used in meditation, these bowls help bring focus to their designated chakra. How to Use: Gently press the wooden end of the stick around the rim of the bowl in a circular motion to make the bowl sing or use the padded end of the stick to create a more divine dong. Singing bowls are a perfect way of introducing Mindfulness to the family. Making the bowl sing is a fun challenge for all ages! Take a look at...

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How To Use A Himalayan Salt Block

Himalayan Salt Blocks, also known as Himalayan cooking plates, are probably one of the most exciting ways of seasoning, serving and even cooking food! The dusky pink Himalayan rock can be slowly heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. The tight crystal lattice in the Himalayan Salt Block means that it holds its temperature for long periods of time – to the extent that the salt block can be used to fry fish or steak as well as keeping ice cream chilled.As the salt plates are made of salt and not stone, it needs to be heated and cooled extremely carefully. TIPS: The Golden Rule of Heating Your Salt Block:20 minutes on low20 minutes on medium20 minutes on high Test: Sprinkle...

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Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is the concentrated liquid containing volatile aroma compounds, steam distilled from the lavender plant. Lavender has been used for centuries to help heal various ailments from minor cuts, bruises and burns to chronic diseases like rheumatism, asthma and dermatitis. The immediate attraction and use of lavender essential oil is in the perfumeindustry for its fresh, sweet and slightly fruity floral smell. In aromatherapy, lavender is often used to combat depression, stress, and fatigue. I've pulled together my top 3 uses for lavender essential oil but do your research, there's hundreds more out there! Sleep Better Sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on your pillows or add to an aromatherapy diffuser to beat insomnia.  Add a couple of drops of lavender...

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What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the oils extracted from plant parts like flowers, leaves, stems, roots, seeds, bark, resin or fruit rinds. Each plant contains only a tiny percentage of essential oil, therefore several kilos of the plant are harvested to extract  just a few milliliters of the magic oil. Essential Oils are highly concentrated and usually dispensed in drops, or mixed with a base oil for topical application onto the skin. They contain hundreds of therapeutic constituents and are used in personal products, aromatherapy, and for sanitary and healthcare reasons. It's believed that some oils have powerful healing properties for mind, body and spirit. Others believe that certain oils have mystical properties and use them in magical rites and ceremonies. Whatever you believe it's a fact...

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