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Eco Friendly Jute Advent Calendars

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Countdown to Christmas in style with these Reusable Eco-Friendly Jute Advent Calendars!

Each calendar is made up of 24 numbered, coloured pockets in a variety of red, cream and green designs. Threaded through each pocket is a rustic rope with loops at either end, allowing it to be hung on a wall with ease.

Fill the pockets with treats for loved ones to discover each day leading up to Christmas and as the calendar is made of strong Jute material, it can be reused year after year.


Overall Length of Calendars: 250cm

Elf Mittens : Size of pockets: H: 13 cm; W: 9 cm; D: 6.5 cm

Elf Hats : Size of pockets: H: 14 cm; W: 11 .5 cm; D: 7 cm

Christmas Hearts : Size of pockets: H: 12.5 cm; W: 11 .5 cm; D: 3 cm

Handmade in India using eco-friendly natural jute