Five For Her Bath Bomb
Five For Him Bath Bomb
Rose & Petals Bath Bomb
Yorkshire Violet Bath Bomb
Lavender Seeds Bath Bomb
Ocean Bath Bomb
Very Berry Bath Bomb
Party Girl With Glitter Bath Bomb
Baby Powder Bath Bomb
Retro Bath Bomb
Tangerine & Grapefruit Bath Bomb
Coconut Dream Bath Bomb
Apple Pie & Custard Bath Bomb
Texas Dewberry Bath Bomb
Sweet Fennel & Jojoba Bath Bomb
Melon Bath Bomb
Lemon & Eaucalyptus Bath Bomb
Hawaiian Mango Bath Bomb
Chocolate & Orange Bath Bomb
Grande Latte Bath Bomb
Handmade Jumbo Bath Bombs
Handmade Jumbo Bath Bombs

Handmade Jumbo Bath Bombs

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Our Jumbo Bath Bombs make the ideal gift for the whole family! Each one weighs at least 180g and has a 7cm diameter and contains shea butter to leave you skin silky smooth.

We have a huge range of fantastic fragrances to choose from, each created with their own distinctive colour.

Five For Her : Feel sexy and all woman with this sensual perfumed bath-time experience.

Five For Him : Macho masculine and mainly for men. A heady bathroom experience with male appeal.

Rose & Petals : Romance in a bath. Luxuriate in relaxing rose aromas while real rose petals drift by.

Yorkshire Violet : Heady violet fragrance that will transport you to yesteryear.

Lavender Seeds : Classic relaxing bath complete with French lavender and lavender seeds. You will sleep well after a good soak with this one.

Ocean : Real sea salt adds to this bathing experience with fragrance inspired by exotic shores

Very Berry : If you like it fun and fruity then this is the bath bomb for you with heaps of fruit berry fragrance.

Party Girl With Glitter : Get in the mood to party with this glittering good-time bath bomb.

Baby Powder : Bless! Feel like a pampered baby yourself with this so soothing fragranced bath bomb.

Retro : Just something old fashioned and comforting about this combination of fizz and fragrance that will refresh and relax you.

Tangerine & Grapefruit : Refresh and revive - great combo Bath Bomb that spruces up your skin and makes you feel kind of fizzical to boot.

Coconut Dream : Think of palm trees and tropical beaches.. Drop this tropical baby in your bath and you're there.

Apple Pie & Custard : How often do you get to luxuriate in apple pie & custard?
Texas Dewberry : Get on down and fruity with this Texas inspired Bath Bomb.

Sweet Fennel & Jojoba : Love the summer? This bath bomb will definitely take you to warm sunny days.

Melon : Our Melon fragranced bath bomb is a crisp, fresh scent that evokes the optimism of a dewy summer morning.

Lemon & Eaucalyptus : Power and Joy!! These energising scents will bring you the power and joy of nature.

Hawaiian Mango : Just travel with our sweet Hawaiian Mango bath bomb and discover those hidden tropical islands..

Chocolate & Orange : Sweet! Cherish the relaxed movements with the fresh fragrance of orange and chocolate, feel the tranquility envelope your mind.

Grande Latte : Grande Latte Bath Bombs will remind you those relaxing days with cup of coffee and newspapers in your garden, living room or lovely chilled coffee shops...