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Glass & Brass Terrariums

Glass & Brass Terrariums

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These Glass Terrariums are the perfect addition to any home and these 6 different styles will suit everybody! Perfect to house favourite succulents, air plants or even fake plants. The stylish geometric design adds a touch of class to any room. 


Sizes are as follows: 

Lantern Shape-            H:20 x W:9.5 x L:9.5cm

Cube on Corner-          H:10.5 W:10.5 x L:10.5cm

Small Diamond-           H:14.5 x W:10 x L:10cm

Large Pentagon-          H:20.5 x W:14 x L:14cm

Large Diamond-           H:20 x W:19 x L:22cm

Large Octogon-           H:13.5 W:15 x L:15cm

Size Chart

Diameter UK US European
16.56 mm l - l1/2 6 52
16.9 mm m 6.5 53
17.2 mm n1/2 7 54
17.5 mm o 7.25 55
17.8 mm o - p 7.5 56
18.1 mm p1/2 8 57
18.5 mm p1/2 - q1/2 8.5 58
18.8 mm r 8.75 59
19 mm r1/2 9 60
19.8 mm t1/2 10 62
20.4 mm v 10.5


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