One Buddha Loud Singing Bowl
Five Buddha Loud Singing Bowl

Extra Loud Tibetan Singing Bowls

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Whether you follow the meditation practise from the Indian, Chinese, Tibetan or Japanese traditions, Singing Bowls bring in a divine sound that adds serenity and calmness to the mind. It gives a magical vibration that responds to the sound of the universal creation and inner consciousness. Can be used for Meditation, Music or as Space clearing tool in Feng Shui. 

These extra large singing bowls have a diameter of 21cm and a height of 12.5cm, making them larger than your average singing bowl. This means that the sound you are able to make with the bowl is extra loud, giving you a deeper vibration.

When you gently run the stick around the sides and rim, the singing bowl vibrates to produce a calm, relaxed and cleansing sound.

You can also use the stick to make a more divine gong to signify the start or ending of a mediation or prayer practice.

make a more divine dong.

Dimensions: D: 21cm H: 12.5 cm

Made from brass

Made in India