Extreme Exfoliate Aromatherapy Soap with Jute Scourer
Celu Buster Aromatherapy Soap with Jute Scourer
Rub Relax Refresh Aromatherapy Soap with Jute Scourer
Firm Tone Scrub Aromatherapy Soap with Jute Scourer

Aromatherapy Soap with Eco Jute Exfoliator

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Fight flab, attack cellulite, relax or just get squeaky clean using the power of aromatic oils and the exfoliating properties of eco-jute. These brilliant eco-friendly exfoliators can visibly smooth and improve your skin as well as boost circulation which can help to improve your skin tone. Aromatherapists claim that regular use may help to break down toxins in the skin, reducing the build-up of fatty deposits that create uneven skin texture.

Cellulite Buster: Made with Grapefruit Cypress & Geranium Essential Oils - Color: Green

Extreme Exfoliate: Made with Peppermint Eucalyptus & Lemon Essential Oils - Color: Blue

Rub, Relax & Refresh: Made with Lavender Peppermint & Orange Essential Oils - Color: Purple

Firm, Tone & Scrub: Made with Ginger Grapefruit & Frankincense Essential Oils - Colour: Orange