One's Oversized Acorn - Lime
One's Oversized Acorn - Teal
Toot the Owl - Moss
Toot the Owl - Lime
Toot the Owl - Teal
Smug Patrick Pelecan - Teal
Smug Patrick Pelecan - Moss
Nutty Squirrel - Moss
Nutty Squirrel - Lime
Nutty Squirrel - Teal
Small Toby Tit on Low Pedistal - Lime
Small Toby Tit on Tall Pedistal - Teal
Small Toby Tit on Tall Pedistal - Lime
Fat Percy Pigeon - Teal
Fat Percy Pigeon - Moss
Fat Percy Pigeon - Lime
Brian the Snail - Lime
Brian the Snail - Teal
Bunty Bunny - Teal
Bunty Bunny - Lime
Alice Rabbit Sitting - Lime
Alice Follie Collection

Alice Follie Collection

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Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and discover these beautiful ceramic creatures. Taking inspiration Alice in Wonderland, these gorgeous gift ideas have a traditional cracked ceramic finish, beautifully coloured and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The perfect gift idea for the garden or home.

Approx Sizes:

Acorn - D: 14cm L: 22cm
Weight: 860g

Toot The Owl - H: 20cm W: 11cm D:11cm
Weight: 650g

Smug Patrick Pelecan - H: 17cm W: 11cm D:30cm
Weight: 775g

Nutty Squirrel - H: 15cm W: 8cm D:17cm
Weight: 425g

Small Toby Tit on Low Pedistal - H: 30cm W: 15cm D:15cm
Weight: 1100g

Small Toby Tit on Tall Pedistal - H: 35cm W: 15 cm D:15 cm
Weight: 1300g

Fat Percy Pigeon - H: 13cm W: 10cm D:16cm
Weight: 433g

Brian the Snail - H: 12cm W: 12cm D:19cm
Weight: 690g

Bunty Bunny - H: 12cm W: 8cm D:19cm
Weight: 650g

Alice Rabbit Sitting - H: 21cm W: 10cm D:12cm
Weight: 766g

Materials: Ceramic